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Discrimination policy

Always be kind.

At Everyoul, we’re all about inclusivity, creativity, and a little bit of quirkiness. We believe in a world where websites are as diverse as the people who visit them. That’s why we have a strict “no discrimination” policy—unless, of course, you’re anti-puppy cuddles or you’ve never felt the urge to dance in your kitchen.

Dog Lovers Welcome 

If you’ve ever found yourself watching dog videos when you should be working, you’re our kind of people. We don’t discriminate based on breed, size, or if your pup’s bark is worse than its bite. All dog lovers are welcome here!

Music Enthusiasts Only 

Silence is golden, but music is platinum. If your playlist is extensive enough to include everything from Wallen to Malone, congrats, you’ve just found your new design partners. We only discriminate against silence—so bring your tunes, and let’s create harmony in design.

The Fine Print 

Just kidding, there’s no fine print here—only bold, italic, and maybe a little sparkle. We’re serious about fun, serious about design, and seriously against any form of real discrimination. So, let’s keep it light, keep it bright, and keep it right.

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