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Where pixels get pampered and websites strut their stuff. If you’re ready to fast-track your web dreams, our VIP Design Day is your golden ticket.

Vip Design Day

wix vip design day
vip wix website design day

Only 4 bookings available each month.

Wix Website Designer

Vip Design Day

Investment: $1,500

Whether you need some tweaks to your website or you're finally ready to get that lead magnet designed and implemented, VIP Days are perfect for propelling your business forward without the long waits and drawn out timelines. Book us for a day and we'll give your brand the undivided attention it deserves.


→ Email consultation

→ Prep questionnaire

→ 6 - 8 hour vip design day

→ 14 day email support

Whishlist Whispering

Got a to-do list that’s longer than a giraffe’s neck? Hand it over! We’re like the fairy godmothers of web design, waving our wands (okay, maybe it’s just a keyboard) to make your wishes come true. Fonts? Check. Buttons? Double check. Unicorn GIFs? Well, why not?

Results Pronto

By the end of your VIP day, your website will be strutting down the digital runway. Confidence level: 100. Whether it’s a revamp, a fresh launch, or a “make my buttons sassier” mission, we’ve got you covered. Pop virtual champagne (or sparkling water, if you prefer)—your digital spa day is complete!

Chat Magic

Who needs live chat when you’ve got the magic of email? Send us your dreams and dilemmas, and we’ll conjure up solutions with a tap of our keys. Our inbox is your direct line to us, ensuring no detail is lost in translation. We’ll keep the conversation flowing and the ideas glowing, all at the speed of email.



Fill out the form to get started with a discovery email. We'll discuss your design needs and identify the top priorities for your VIP Day.



Select your VIP Day and submit payment. You'll receive a questionnaire to organize any materials needed to complete your tasks.


Vip Day

I'll touch base throughout the day for questions, progress updates, etc. and connect on a final feedback session toward the end for any final revisions.


Post Support

Congrats! Another project successfully checked off your list! Afterward, you get 14 days of email support for any follow up questions.

Have questions?

Our inbox is always open for a virtual coffee chat. We’re here to help you navigate the digital landscape – no phone tag, just good old-fashioned email.

  • You betcha! Our templates are designed for DIY dynamos like you. With easy drag-and-drop features, you’ll feel like a web design guru in no time.

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