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Launch Your Bed and Breakfast with Ease Using the Wix Hotel App

Attention all you fabulous entrepreneurs and small business owners! It’s time to bring your bed and breakfast dreams to life with the Wix Hotel App. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to set up your online haven and manage your bookings effortlessly. Let’s get started!

Launch Your Bed and Breakfast with Ease Using the Wix Hotel App and Wix Template The Rustic Meadow

Install the Wix Hotel App

Jump into action by adding the Wix Hotel App to your site from the Wix App Market. This gem will be the backbone of your reservation system, making it a breeze to handle bookings, room details, and pricing.

Wix Hotel App for Bed & Breakfast

Set Up Your Rooms

Showcase each room with its own gallery and detailed description. Set your prices and let the unique features of your rooms do the talking. This is where your bed and breakfast’s personality gets to shine!

Set Up Rooms with Wix Hotel App for Bed & Breakfast

Manage Bookings Effortlessly

Keep your bookings organized with the app’s straightforward system. Track your reservations, adjust room availability on the fly, and send out confirmations automatically. The app’s seamless payment integration means hassle-free checkouts for your guests.

Manage Reservations with Wix Hotel App for Bed & Breakfast

Optimize Your Online Presence

Make sure your bed and breakfast stands out online. Utilize Wix’s SEO wizardry to climb the search engine ranks. Engage with your social media audience and encourage guests to spread the word about their delightful stay.

Wix SEO Checklist - Get Found on Google

Celebrate Your Launch

Once you’re over the moon with your website, it’s time to go live. Announce your grand opening and watch as guests flock to your charming escape.

The Rustic Meadow Bed & Breakfast Wix Website Template

Bonus: Showcase Your Rooms...More

Using Wix Portfolio app you can showcase your rooms even more! Setting each room up as a "project" you can tell their story with a title, description, custom labels, gallery, and even add a link to your Wix Hotel booking engine.

Use Wix Portfolio App to showcase your Bed & Breakfast rooms

And there you have it, go-getters! With the Wix Hotel App, you’re not just offering a place to rest; you’re crafting memorable experiences. So go ahead, make your mark in the travel world and show them how it’s done, boss style! 💼✨

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